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Best Selling Products From theBalm Cosmetics on Klosmic

Best Selling Products From theBalm Cosmetics on Klosmic

The Balm cosmetics is known for cute packaging and good quality products that turns out to be a collectable for most makeup lovers. It was one of the pioneer brands in introducing a cult favorite highlighter known as The Mary- Lou Manizer. So, lets see what are the masses favorite products on our store.

1. Mary-Lou Manizer and Bonnie-Lou Manizer

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer and Bonnie- Lou Manizer | Klosmic India

These highlighters are soft, buttery and yet super pigmented to an extent where it catches the light perfectly. It adds the most beautiful glow you were searching for. Mary-Lou is more champagne and is catered for light to medium skin tones whereas Bonnie-Lou is gilded gold that flatters medium tan to deep skin tones.

2. Nude Beach Eyeshadow Palette

Nude beach Palette | klosmic India

This is certainly one of the most underrated eyeshadow palettes. The color scheme is so in trend for almost two years now and to stay. The eyeshadows are pigmented and blends easily. If you didn't want to spend too much on palettes then this could be a good option for you.

3. In theBalm Of Your Hand Palette

In theBalm of your hand palette| Klosmic India

A palette that contains some of their best selling blush, bronzer and highlighter shades. So, this is a multi-purpose palette that you can use as eyeshadow as well. 

4. Desert bronzer/blush

theBalm Desert Bronzer/ Blush | Klosmic India

A product that can be used as a bronzer and a blush because of the warm  undertones present in it. This product is long lasting and fade proof which is perfect if you are living in hot humid climates.

5. Meet Matte Hughes Vol 1

theBalm Meet Matte Hughes Vol 1 | Klosmic India

This is set of 6 limited edition mini matte liquid lipsticks. We at Klosmic love to wear this for dinner dates since we don't have to worry about it fading away while we take a big bite. 

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