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How to make the wrong foundation shade work?

How to make the wrong foundation shade work?

Klosmic foundation India

We have all been there and done that. Shopping for foundations online can be tricky and it is more likely than not that we end up buying the wrong foundation shade. So, under such circumstances what should you do? We think these are the right products you need in your makeup collection right away to get you going even if you happen to buy the wrong shade of foundation.

La Girl pro coverage HD long wear illuminating white foundation

This foundation is the soul mate to your dark foundation shade. It does not alter the consistency of the foundation you want to match it with. So, now you don’t have to put aside your dark foundation just because it doesn’t match you or wait for summer to use it.


When your foundation is a little too dark and you realized this after applying the foundation on to your face. Then, don’t worry its not too late to fix it. Add a little bit of concealer in a V shape underneath your eyes and below your contour for highlighting. You will notice the foundation doesn’t look all that dark anymore. If the foundation is too light, then you can use a concealer that suits your skin tone perfectly.


So now if you bought a foundation shade that is a little too light for skin tone then fret not. There is always a way to fix everything and you can do so by using a bronzer. Add the bronzer on your cheeks and perimeters of your face. Also, don’t forget to drag it down your neck slightly.

Foundations oxidize

Most foundations oxidize to a darker shade. So, if you have a light foundation there are chances of it oxidizing to a darker shade. This can help only if your foundation is a little light for you.



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