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Makeup Shaming Begins At Home

Makeup Shaming Begins At Home

Klosmic Make up India

Image source: Teen Vogue

Makeup shaming has its roots firm at home. And, we are sure every makeup lover can totally relate to this. It is looked down upon as an extravagant lifestyle and an expense that is wasteful. And, it is assumed as a woman's way of luring men to think they are attractive. So, makeup lovers are used to the criticism that begins at home and the sentences " Don't wear red lipstick it is too loud" or " You are wearing way too much makeup" and " You don't need makeup to look beautiful" are too familiar now.

But, what is often neglected is that makeup is passion, it is fun and is a hobby for a lot of people. If you are someone who never liked using makeup you probably would not understand any of the above. Makeup for a lot of people is indulgence and self love. It is looked upon as a way of rediscovering and finding joy in little things. A lot of people vouch for improved confidence with makeup which again is controversial and subjective. 

People wonder why do you need makeup to love yourself or build confidence. And, with such judgemental statements we often forget the struggle the person has been through or the bullying he or she has experienced. If a little bit of makeup helps them through a long struggle then what is the harm?

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