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The Decline of makeup in India

The Decline of makeup in India

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When every makeup brand in every part of the world is coming up with strategies and innovation to cater to their customers, we at Klosmic on the other hand wonder if makeup is declining in India. The "lipstick index" which usually fares well and is an economic indicator for the sales of cosmetics, it did have a fall post demonetization. But, is that all to it? Did it pick up well post that?

There is certainly a lack of creativity from brands of Indian origin. When there are so many innovations made to cater to an array of audience with different preferences, there is little to nothing done to satisfy makeup enthusiasts in India. The promotions of these sub par products are done extravagantly, the question arises as to if the quality of the product and customer satisfaction was ever put into consideration for these mass produced products.

And, at a situation like this is when we look to brands that are creative and provide cosmetics with some mastery. Brands like Colourpop, where they find a constant need to improve and take customer suggestions and implement it. And, there are brands like Tarte Cosmetics that had to pull back a release of their complexion product since it was not well received for not being inclusive. This makes us as consumers to try reaching for these brands even, if it means that it is not easily available in India. 

There is always a constant demand for makeup products in India especially with the growth in social media and social media influencers. But, if there is a decline it has to do with lack of creativity and awareness among brands rather than consumers themselves. We as customers are very certain what we want and what we don't. Until then we will continue to look for it.     

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