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Top Selling Elf Cosmetics Product You Should Be Getting

Top Selling Elf Cosmetics Product You Should Be Getting

elf cosmetics India Klosmic

Elf Cosmetics a brand known to sell good quality products for affordable prices and with vast variety. 

1. Elf Cosmetics Hydrating Face Primer

Forget all your dry skin problems with this hydrating face primer which comes to use at the right time during the winter season. If you have a problem with foundation looking cakey or building up around certain areas of your face, you know what you should be adding to your makeup routine.


2. Elf Cosmetics Baked Highlighter

One of the cult favourite products and something that sells like hot brownies on our store are their baked highlighters. People really seem to be enjoying the soft sheen it gives on the skin without emphasising too much texture. In short it gives a glow from within. 


3. Elf Cosmetics Blush Palette

The blush palette comes in two variants one in light catering to light to medium skin tones and another in dark for deeper skin tones. The texture of these blushes are soft and glide on smoothly on the skin. Also, not to forget the pigmentation. You need to have a light hand with these. And, if your mood seeks for you to customise your own blush shade you can most certainly do that with these four pan blush palettes.


4. Elf Cosmetics Mad For Matte Palette

  Elf Cosmetics Mad For Matte Palette Klosmic

A all matte eyeshadow palette is every makeup lovers dream because you know how many transition and crease colours it takes to make your eyeshadow look blended and well spread out. The mad for matte palette comes in two variants as well nude mood and summer breeze. 

5. Elf Cosmetics Mist And Set

There is one easy solution out of the many to prevent your makeup from looking too powder and it using a fixing a spray. This mist and set spray removes the excess powder from your face and add also sets your makeup in place. You can most certainly use this spray to intensify your eyeshadows as well.

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