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What brands need to know when they enter the Indian market

What brands need to know when they enter the Indian market

India a country with a huge population and is a country with varying opinion and mindsets. Brands that have found global success, still find it hard to succeed in India. The reason being the complicated mindset of Indian shoppers. We prefer an Indian way to everything no matter how westernised the brand is. The consumers here are very price-conscious. If a certain drugstore makeup brand in launching in India the price point has to be at par with its rate elsewhere or at least reasonable. When a brand fails to meet that price point the eye searches for options and comparisons. An international brand that sets its foot in India with the help of a huge successful retailer often doesn't have the time to understand and analyse what their customer wants. They have targets and profits to chase. 

Another important point being we are trained for generations together to prioritize what we spend on. We have a list of what comes first on our spending list and sometimes a certain product can be overlooked upon because it falls below a subject with more importance. But, when there are exciting offers and deals that really are worth it these priorities will be overlooked. The emotion overpowers the logical thinking of the customers especially during festive occasions, marriage and other celebrations. 

With so much of influx of international brands, there is one thing that disappoints the customer. That is a lack of exclusivity. The feeling of owning something that not all your peers have access to is something that is snatched away. Anyone who is too available is not valued and the same thing applies for products as well. Indian market can be lucrative or disappointing depending on your approach towards brand building within the country irrespective of if you are a successful brand around the world. 

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