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Why You Should Be Trying Bh Cosmetics Brushes

Why You Should Be Trying Bh Cosmetics Brushes

Only a true craftsman knows the value of his tools and so only a true makeup enthusiast knows what difference the right brushes can make. We have curated and bring to you one of the best collection of brushes at a price that might not hurt your pocket. 

1. Bh Cosmetics Crystal Quartz 12 Piece Brush Set

A brush set that is so travel friendly given that it has pouch. It has a brush for every need. A flat top kabuki brush, powder brushes, pointed highlighter brush and eye brushes like liner brush, blending brushes and pencil brush. The quality of these brushes are great and do not shed.

2. Bh Cosmetics Sculpt And Blend Brush Set

The Bh Cosmetics Sculpt and Blend brush set is a set you would need if you are starting out in makeup. It has all the brushes that you would need to create a flawless base be it for your face or your eye look. 

3. Bh Cosmetics Sculpt and Blend 2 Brush Set

The Bh Cosmetics Sculpt and Blend 2 Brush set looks a lot like the previous one but is there a difference to this. Yes, there is a difference. The sculpt and blend brush set is for your base and mostly cream products. Whereas, the Sculpt and Blend 2 is for powder products and contains brushes that adds detail to you face like chisel, highlight and contour.

4. Bh Cosmetics Rose Quartz 9 Piece Brush Set

The Bh Cosmetics 9 piece brush set is not just efficient but also serves as an eye candy to your vanity. These are brushes you should consider getting if you already have enough brushes for you base cream products. 

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